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Description: The BoneZeal Holistic Assessment.

 The BoneZeal-Holistic Assessment

The BoneZeal Coaching-Holistic Assessment (BZ-HA) was created as a tool to be used for clients that were looking for a broad based understanding of the natural components of goal attainment. This information allowed them to move towards their required and desired activities in a more direct fashion.

The major strengths considered during this evaluation are a healthy body, motivation, creativity, desire to create goals, compassion, optimism, social intelligence, appreciation of the “process” of goal attainment, intuition with discernment, and the desire for a meaningful life. Although based on ancient eastern models, the assessment does not feel or sound exotic on delivery, and primarily stands as a holistic model for open questioning.

The assessment is supported by a five component structure which is derived from some of the earliest literature on goal attainment. These components (sometimes referred to as “sheaths” in ancient documents) are the physical body, respiration, self-talk, wisdom and self-realization. Wisdom in this assessment refers to the use of wisdom tools such as focused relaxation, positive psychology applications, social intelligence techniques, etc.

Related to each of the component structures are the seven major psychosocial centers (cakras, or motivational power centers) revered in much of Eastern literature. The physical locations of these centers appear to be related to specific organs and nerve plexuses, but more conservatively, chakras represent degrees of psychological development. Each of these seven centers is by definition (bhava-cakra), “a wheel of development”.