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Deep Occupational Therapy for mood and movement.

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       BoneZeal Journeying

Bonezeal Journeying

This is a very powerful stress management technique that facilitates your reconnection to resources that already exist for you. It is based loosely on historical healing “frameworks” from sources as widespread as Siberian Shamanism to Celtic Christian healers. Nothing is meant to challenge anyone’s spiritual beliefs. This very deep, active, and assertive stress relief, and will be supportive of all belief systems.

I have studied this process as an option for those suffering from chronic pain, but it has given me much more. It is the overall improvement in many functional areas that seems to be facilitated. This is how these processes are connected to both traditional and integrative therapies; deep stress management supports the individual components of function. Both daily physical tasks and executive functions can be affected including greater ease and clarity in decision making.

Should you pick up the paint brush to create a masterpiece, or are you waiting for retirement? What about a shovel or a pen? Doing becomes more spontaneous. You quit rambling as much, and just do.

Successful journeying

Do you need to be an expert in visualization? No. Even sitting and waiting with proper intention is empowering, something positive will occur.

Do you control the whole journey, like practicing a sport? No, you may direct your attention somewhat, but you need to step back. It is this sense of stepping back or developing the sweet spot for awareness and release that is beneficial in all areas of life.

While journeying, you can direct your attention to some “special areas” that you feel might be helpful to experience on a regular basis. So in this way you are somewhat in control, while staying open to change. Aren’t they both touted tenets for managing stress?

My background is holistic theory and practice, occupational therapy, and meditation. This program is not designed to explain, treat, or uncover psychological challenges, but is deep stress relief.

Journeying poses very few requirements:  

1. You will consider the physical/natural world you live in, and “your” spiritual world.

2. You will operate at full clear capacity in daily life.

3. You will not allow holistic healing practices to challenge your religious beliefs.

The Rules of Engagement-Please work to comply for deeper stress management.

The Journey:

1. Can never cause fear or anxiety

2. Does not uncover or replay trauma

3. Reminds you of your own wisdom.

As tradition dictates, you will visit/visualize 3 areas, accompanied by rhythmic percussion instruments, or you can use an MP3 file. Repetitive drumming is felt in our core, signaling a time of increased energy, celebration, and self-awareness. This practice has been utilized for much of recorded history.

As you journey, keep in mind that your chosen creations or symbols do not need to verbalize to be helpful. You may receive support, guidance or relaxation as a feeling or thought. These symbols that you create are reminders of what we should be remembering throughout the day….we need to appreciate the support of our spiritual and/or ancestral beliefs, and the natural world.

This is a suggested journey framework-You may change the characters and their placement, however, this has been proven as an effective design. It will help you begin.

BoneZeal Journeying

Shut your eyes, and create a celebratory ritual to begin.

Consider: Intention, Gratitude, and/or a humble request for guidance.

1. Lower ground. Walk down to lower ground. Visit, and travel as you like.

            A. Nature Symbol. You may choose a couple of symbols that represent the support of nature. Try a wild animal: deer, bear, etc..or a special tree, mountain. The animals in this journey are not pets, they maintain their wild attributes, but are never harmful to you! 

            B. Wise, happy, older complete you. Maybe this person has a home or shop down there. Just think of the wisdom and perspective that would be available to you.

            C. Earth Mother. You may want to visit her abode. She is the ground, the             manifest, a reminder of the required balance to purely energetic spirituality. We need to actually do things in the physical world, right?

2. Middle ground. Walk up to middle ground.

I believe a visit from “your grounded self” is quite effective. Imagine if you could receive some support from the calm and grounded you who abides in the present, when you are dealing with stressful situations.

            Receive a “visit” in real-time “from” your grounded self. 

3. The Upper Room. Walk up to the upper room. Visit, and travel as you like.

This is an area that allows you to show your gratitude and share your intentions with inspiring beings including family members and ancestors. It is an opening to a sense of spirituality (or at least empathy) which everyone possesses.

            A. Family members or ancestors

            B. Inspirational figures

            C. Spiritual beings