Sander Yoga Therapy

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Deep Occupational Therapy for mood and movement.

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Universal Pranic Therapy

Energy work with hands and chakras. 

The foundation is universal and legitimate:

Based on energy transmission through the hands.

Assignment of pranayama techniques to client.


Appreciation of the chakras.

Use of music during sessions.

What do you need to become a facilitator?

A lifestyle that allows your honest “attempt” to spend some time practicing: clearing the mind, observing your thoughts, breathing freely, and feeling some type of circulation throughout the body.

No special level of attainment in these practices is required.

Universal Pranic offers powerful stress relief, a chance to align with your deeper self, a re-tuning to the pulse of nature.

This is not a replacement for medication, and is not aimed at any special orthopedic ailment or disease process, nor will it aggravate those conditions.


Comments on Foundational Skills

*Based on energy transmission through the hands.

To help develop the “feel”. Practice gripping your hands tightly for a few seconds then release, pay attention to any sensations in your hands, and calmly try to feel the sensations for as long as possible. Try a few times a day. There is no rush, you already have energy passing through your hands.

*Assignment of pranayama techniques to client.

Assigning various types of breathing to your clients during the session helps to increase their focus, participation, even their sense of relaxation. It adjusts their perspective. Successful patterns include: deep even abdominal breathing, 2-3 inhale to exhale breathing, and 2-1-3 inhale, (relaxed) retention, exhale breathing (done just a few times). Any retention is done gently, and for a short time. Never force.


Help to gently guide your clients in their ability to picture (and feel) the transmission of energy. Give them the confidence they need at any level of sensitivity. Help support the client during the specific visualization of stressors at the heart chakra level.   

*Appreciation of the chakras.

You should work through the chakras, moving from the upper chakras to the lower, when you “feel” a need. Although you are moving when “it’s time”, you act as a “conduit” of energy. The healing power passes through you, you aren’t in charge. Leave your ego at the door.   

*Use of music during sessions.

Choosing music properly adds another dimension to your healing space. Most recently, flowing “instrumental” music with no obvious steady beat has been used. Try Yoga music, Reiki music, etc. The client must feel embraced by the music. Sacred drumming has had a greater association with a “journeying” session. We need the body and mind to “sink” as well as sync. Use your best judgment.