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Deep Occupational Therapy for mood and movement.

reasoned and uncluttered.

Holistic Assessment


BoneZeal® Yoga Cikitsa-Holistic Assessment



The major strengths considered during this evaluation are healthy body, motivation, creativity, desire to create goals, compassion, optimism, social intelligence, appreciation of the “process” of goal attainment, intuition with discernment, and the desire for a meaningful life. Depending on the historical roots of a style of Yoga, chakras may be placed in an adjacent “Sheath”.


Preface all of the subject matter with something similar to: Tell me about… to create open-ended questions




A. Physical body or food sheath (Annamaya Kosha).


a. Root Chakra. Basic needs center

(Wheel 1/Mooladhara (moo lahd hah rah) Chakra (chuk ruh).

          what you eat. how you sleep. how you rest. food you like. eating    

          habits. digestion. your posture. strength. flexibility. endurance.


Strengths and challenges:







B. Pranic Energy Sheath. A respiration component (Pranamaya Kosha).


          b. Sacral Chakra. Emotional center.

          (Wheel 2/Swadhisthana (svah dish tah nah) Chakra).  

          motivation, creative potential.

          your feelings when you think about changing.

          some of your original ideas. cravings.


          Strengths and challenges:








c. Solar Plexus Chakra. Personal ambition center

(Wheel 3/Manipura (money poor’ ah) Chakra).

desire to create goals, some changes you’ve made in your life. self-esteem. personal power. energy level.


          Strengths and challenges:








C. Mental Sheath. Self-talk Center (Manomaya Kosha).


          d. Heart Chakra. Compassion/optimism center

          (Wheel 4/Anahata (uh nuh’ hut uh) Chakra).

          what you continue saying to yourself.

          what you continue saying to others.       

          your methods to relax or focus.


          Strengths and challenges:





D. Wisdom sheath. Intellect, intuition. (Vijnanamaya Kosha).


          e. Throat Chakra. Communication center

          (Wheel 5/Vishuddhi (vish’ ood’ dhuh) Chakra).

the ways you share information with others. how you learn new information. how it feels to work towards your goals. acceptance.


          Strengths and challenges:








E. Self-realization sheath. Productive meaningful life. (Anandamaya Kosha).


f. Brow Chakra. Intuition center

(Wheel 6/Anja (ah jyah) Chakra).

Focus on the Anja chakra when working with other chakras.             

To exhibit more control.

When you are AWARE of your activities you are working in ANJA.


your gut feelings. your opinions of those gut feelings.

concentration. self- awareness.


          Strengths and challenges:








g. Crown Chakra. Self-realization Center.

Sahasrara (sah us srar’ uh)

engaged in productive and meaningful activities. ego is balanced. strong wellness orientation.


 All holistic arts and sciences lead here:

As your powers of discernment improve, you begin to question your use of time. Is it productive, or meaningful?


Are you aligned with your purpose or do you need to change direction?


Do you have a mission? What do you stand for?


What are your strengths?


What do feel called to do when you have the time?

(not necessarily a career but a daily, weekly, or monthly habit?)



During what activities, do you lose your sense of time?



Your vision. What can you picture for your future that utilizes your talents?



Holistic arts and sciences lead you to your authentic self.

There is no greater quest.










BoneZeal Yoga Cikitsa Holistic Assessment

©2003 G.Sander. Feel free to use unchanged.