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Deep Occupational Therapy for mood and movement.

reasoned and uncluttered.


Chi (Qi) is everywhere, and everyone can access, distribute and store chi. When you are totally relaxed and believe yourself to be in the right place and the right time your accumulation of Chi multiplies. You may feel chi as a tingling, vibration, an internal wave, or something harder to describe.

Wu Wei-Practice with effortless action, don’t force. Learn from the flow of water.

Te-Learn to discover, honor, and develop your natural skills. The knowledge will rise to the surface.

 The Chi Matrix

Chi enters and exits the body through many points on the skin.

There are also some primary channels:

Top of head-Point of Celestial Convergence (The top of the central channel). Crown Cakra 

The palm of hands-The Palace of Reward (fire).

The heart chakra-The HeartMind-where heaven and earth merge.

The root chakra-Gathering Yin (the bottom of the central channel).

The ball of the foot-the Bubbling Spring (water).

You can also receive chi from your environment: water, trees, groups of people, tender thoughts, words of spiritual people, etc.

 Qigong Practices

For our purposes, these are shorter practices, related to Tai Chi, sometimes with more static balance as opposed to dynamic, created more specifically to manage Chi.   

All Qigong and Tai Chi practices can be performed to the four directions and this is called the Four Season Method 

1. Forming a ball of chi

2. Breath practice of the Celestial Masters-Support from heaven and earth.

Inhale with 4 puffs as you visualize power coming from the earth, slowly exhale-circulate the energy.

Exhale with 4 puffs as you visualize power coming from Heaven, slowly exhale-circulate the energy.

3. Transforming trouble

Place troubles in the central channel at the heartmind, allow the compassion of your heart to burn them up. The ash will fall, the smoke will rise, and the purified energy tied up in the troubling situation will be freed.

4. Filling/cleansing the marrow

Open arms and gather everything that supports you: Nature, friends, words of wisdom, goals, etc. Bath yourself in this energy as your hands slowly pass from your head to navel area. See the energy going into your muscles and eventually rest in the marrow of your bones.

5. Becoming Chi

Hold a circle of chi at the level of the heart chakra become relaxed, receptive and powerful. Step into that circle, and seal procedure with a powerful hasta mudra (hand position).

6. To Heartmind

Lift open hands from the Tantien (C. of G.) along the center of the body, until overhead. This is all Inhale.

Exhale while letting hands drop to side, adding circular motions so the path is longer than the inhale. Exhale until you reach the Tantien.

7. Open Mind Facing Fears

Raise Hands, palms up from the sides of the body, until they touch. Drop to Tantien, and raise through the center of the body. With a rounded motion, place palms in front of the face. With arms at shoulder height and palms down, slowly lower hands to sides of body. 

It is said: As the sun (yang) and water (yin) form clouds, so does the practice of Chi Gung and Tai Chi which creates a mist of chi throughout the body. Cultivating ease, gratitude, and self-knowledge.