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Tai Chi and Qigong


Tai Chi and Qigong lead to integration. They help increase focus, reduce stress, improve body scheme and balance, and help facilitate creativity. Their roots are in the fighting arts, and Tai Chi means “supreme ultimate fist”. The Yin Yang symbol is also called Tai Chi. 

Feeling the flow through Tai Chi and Qigong is real, attainable, and exciting. Intention, attention, and deep relaxation allow the internal flow. But it is not a requirement for having a great time!

However, I will spend some time talking about energy/sensation flow. If it seems a little overboard, remember this is a wonderful outlet for body expression, also known to strengthen and relax, to help stabilize standing and moving posture, and on and on...any extra feelings of relaxation can come in their own sweet time. 

But for those interested in the flow of chi (relaxed yet vibrant sensation).

Intention is key to success. You want it and it will come.

Your mantra is "attention to deeper physical sensations". Feel the healthful sensation (deep relaxation), and progress with intent to spread the word? from the edge of this sensation. Movement and breathing exercises are vehicles, they help drive you to your center to accept, release and spread health supporting attention and energy (chi).

You may feel chi awakening through the spine when you express your intention, intention is giving and receiving. You can practice to feel the sensation flow to the feet, and to your hands. Allowing and spreading.

Helpful pre-req

For greater success in expressing and feeling the flow of Chi during Tai Chi, you should try to add balance to your life by ensuring that you spend time appreciating your version of beauty in any sense of the word. You will be able to add to your current supply of energy. 

If you can begin to experience some of this beauty without dissecting or even naming it, you’ll receive a more natural feeling of contentment and legitimate energy flow. 

Dissection compresses energy flow. As you gaze at works of art, a pet, listen to music that moves you, smell…, feel…, etc., learn to draw in the radiance of contentment, joy, deep relaxation and even excitation and imagine it sinking to a major power center, the Dantien (Center of Gravity/lower abdominal area). You do not need to feel the flow to know that beauty and connection is integrative and healing. Save it up, you’ll use it soon enough.

During Practice of Forms and Techniques

Stage One: Bring attention inside, express your intention, yes: to feel the flow! Try to sense any vibration, tingling, or warm area as you scan the entire body. Can you help “create” it? 

No? Relax even more while practicing your form or movement. Take it for granted that you will feel the flow, do not covet or strain. You know that would block it. Continue to enjoy this process as long as needed. It is beneficial itself.

Stage Two: Connect to the sensation, and while relaxing further, allow it to spread: Focus pleasantly, relax deeply inside and out (don’t fall down!) on the leading edge of the sensation. Let it prompt you. Open more near the sensation where you can’t quite feel it spread, then it will. 

You may feel Chi radiate in the middle back. It’s a joyous feeling: Learn to cultivate and embrace a sense of awe. Learn to relax the head, even inside? 

Whether the sensation is ascending from the sacrum, spreading from the middle back, or “starting” in the head or even hands, feel your “starting point”, and then work with leading edge. 

The ability to feel increased circulation of energy is not just theoretical; it has been experienced by many. You learn to focus, and relax and not get completely preoccupied by your movement or form. This goes for my fellow yoga practitioners also. Here the strain (stretch or contraction) of many poses can block the flow, but those poses do prepare the body for more successful Chi expression later. 

Whether you feel a flow of sensation or not, the very act of relaxing and focusing and sensing has a profound positive effect on practitioners. 

Tai Chi is also a very effective method for improving standing balance and functional leg strength, while strengthening the core and improving upper extremity range of motion and quality of movement. 

We don't always need to make things more complex than they need to be.

Simply, one merely orients, relaxes and intends. 

Tai Chi and Qigong offer a chance to express yourself creatively through your body. This is a gift. Yes, there is room for YOU within the designated shapes and breaths of Tai Chi and Qigong. You need this. Find a patient, fun teacher, who doesn't put you on the spot. Enjoy slow deep movement, relax, express, accept. 


Gerry Sander