Sander Yoga Therapy

& Tai Chi

powerful occupations.








































































Deep Occupational Therapy for mood and movement.

reasoned and uncluttered.

The Ending


Occupying yourself with ideally suited activities.

These are all programs that can lead to self-realization/self-actualization. Nothing fancy or esoteric here: As your posture, breathing, and ability to manage stress improve, your powers of discernment will improve. You begin to question your use of time. Is it productive, or meaningful?

As your system gets quieter, stronger and more resilient, you’ll decide whether you are aligned with your purpose or whether you need to change direction. All the holistic arts lead here. 

In closing, you can read 500 books, attend 500 seminars, but the answer is this same; Spend some time alone, and KNOW we are all connected.